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Sept 2016 - Oct.12th  Watercolors in the 
Atrium Gallery, Ventura CA
 Oceans, Hills and Mountains: 
by the masters of visual storytelling
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pet portrait

2018 pet portrait calendar: 8.5"x14" calendar is a booklet collection of pet portraits by Michelle Nosco. Each month features one beautiful oil or watercolor commission with an affirmation and monthly pet dates to celebrate along with other traditional holidays.  
Early animal portraits were created for the Arts For Earth Foundation to generate funding for the California Wildlife Center of Malibu CA. Later, portraits of all kinds became a passion of Michelle's including pets, wild animals and people.
View our YouTube videos or Click the navigation buttons here and below to see samples of a variety of Michelle Nosco's artwork.  
A professional artist, Michelle's commissions include: 
portraits, murals, decorative art & faux finishes 
available from the Nosco Fine Art Studio in Southern and Central California.