Hidden Images in the Clouds:   "DREAMS"
This fantastic opportunity comes by working with the AADAP counseling center  in Los Angeles, CA.  "Dreams" is a 44' wide by 16' high mural inspiring fun, focus, personal growth and self expression in teens growing up in harms way.
Counselors work with teens to help Mayor Villaraigosa in his "war against gangs".
Here we show what can come with the freedom from gangs and living ones dreams of a successful life. Click here for a rap written by one of the teen participants of the program.
Check in to our website from time to time as the images become hidden in the clouds!  By the time the mural is complete the wall will be a beautiful blazing sunset!!
Nosco CLOUDS:  
(Hint: Look for the Hidden Images)

Creativity can be cultivated!  It is said that when the door to the right side of your brain is opened more insights will follow.  Unrelated areas of your life will benefit as you practice seeing the images that aren't immediately visible in these paintings.
      Relax and let the images come to you.  They are only slightly hidden and will lead you to see many more in the real life clouds above.  Enjoy.
     Many of these cloud paintings were inspired by actual images found in real clouds.  Momentary beauty has been captured for more then their original 3 seconds of existence for all to admire.
You may see a Stampede of 15 horses in a cloud bank, or Eagles at Midnight in the wisps of cloudy mist just above the horizon of the night time sky with the moon as the eye of an eagle portrait above.
     Watch for the Great White Buffalo, the Guardians of the Western Trail with its angelic care givers to the conestoga wagons and scouts on horseback.  The Circle of Life features orange sunset clouds creating two Wolf portraits and a hunt scene with wolves, rabbits and a herd of elk not to mention a whole group of North American wildlife.          Feel free to contact Michelle by email with photos of your real time cloud discoveries.
What will I look for in the clouds?
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