by Luis Antonio____________
AADAP "Dream" mural by Michelle Nosco

with help from Ariel, Benjamin, Chuckie, Edgar F.,  P.Edgar, Henry, Monica & Vasney, counselors Terry & Jenny, facilitator Freddie, Xolchi, and director Jose.
  special thanks to Luis Antonio for his rap entitled "Dream" inspired by this mural

When I look up in the sky I begin to dream
But thinking of my background makes me want to scream.
But I ain't no loser so I'm gonna keep on going.
That's why I'm settin' here, writing and flowing.
I feel good when I'm out of my neighborhood.
Because there's so many things going on that ain't no good.
Whenever you see me coming, true, I'll let you know
I have a dream,
how 'bout you?
I want to be someone successful in life.
I want to have kids and be with my wife.
I always try to do what's right, but
I always end up doing wrong.
But, by me writing this I'm expressing my feelings in this song.
So, I give you an advice
Always think twice Before doing something ...
Before that chance is gone.
                 -Luis Antonio

When AADAP's director Jose Esqueda decided to create a mural to inspire the teens enrolled...
...in their counseling program he contacted Frederika Keating's favorite muralist, Michelle Nosco to do the job. 
   Known for magically painting hidden images in her awesome clouds, Michelle designed an inspiration in sunset that rises above  the cumbersome chains these kids are born into:  gangs that control LA neighborhoods.   
    Drugs, Crime and Violence are being targeted in Mayor Villarigosa's 
war against gangs, and AADAP is one of several proven agency's awarded a position to work with city ranks, spearheading the fight. 
    AADAP (with over 30 years of counseling experience)  has chosen the positive, inspired approach, helping countless teens to unburden themselves and dare to dream of a bright future.             
    Counselors are trained to guide children and young teens through the maze of the underworld into a brighter future, undreamed of until now!
From AADAP's July 2009 Rice Paper magazine:
   Michelle Nosco is a special and unique friend to the AADAP family. Highly recommended by Frederika Keating, Youth and Family Program Youth Worker, Michelle started her artistic mural creation (16” tall x 44” wide) around mid-February (2009) and worked until the middle of May, with the diligent help from the YFP youth.
    The concept of the mural was initiated by Jose Esqueda, YFP Director. Through the creation of the mural, Jose wanted to communicate that by the youth striving for their dreams and graduating, they can accomplish great things. The mural was designed to inspire anyone who looks at the mural to go forward and dream of a successful future that is within their grasp.
    Michelle graduated from University of Michigan and went on to receive her Masters from Cal Arts (MFA) with a University of Southern California (USC) Internship. She worked tirelessly on the mural with her kind and gentle seven month-old Labrador Retriever, Jack, right by her side. Michelle has brought a dream to life.
    For more information, please visit: www.NoscoFineArt.com or www.artsforearth.org.

Artistic Mural (16' high x 44' wide) of sunset reflecting on brilliant clouds with hidden images of teens learning to trust each other & live happy lives while studying and working towards their goal:       
    Graduating to become successful accomplished adults, able to live their dreams.        
    Designed & created by Michelle Nosco, teens are inspired, encouraged to reach for a better life while guided at AADAP center.  In tandem with LA Mayor Villarigosa's war against crime.