-Glendale: Verdugo Adobe:  Oak of Peace Art Show 
curated by Dulce Stein September 27th, 2015
"Stampede" Eagle Dancer", "Blue Parrot", "Eagles at Midnight"
- Des Colores "Women in the farm fields: de Campesinas"
(left: Sangre de Campesinas) (right: Dolores Huerta)
September 17 - Oct.17 Santa Paula Museum
- Ventura County Arts Council:  
Aug 17 - Sept.17: How Dry I Am Exhibit of Drought images
        "Oasis Or Mirage?" 30" x 40"
July 17 - Aug.17 2015      Atrium Gallery Portraits Exhibit 
        "Mark" Charcoal 18" x 24" Honorable Mention
        "Guitarist"  oil  9 x 12"
        "Leprechaun Boy"  oil  24" x 24"  sold
        "Stevie"  watercolor    9" x 12"  sold
With so many wonderful portraits in the Ventura County Arts Council Portrait Exhibit I am humbly grateful to be acknowledged with an Honorable Mention for my charcoal sketch of "Mark" 
and these words from the judge:
"Beautiful sketch - captured with minimal strokes"
  -for more EXHIBIT INFO see below:

- Ventura Artists Union
July 12 - Aug 31             E.P.Foster Library Water/Drought Exhivbit
        "Stampede"  Mixed media 4' x 5'  (available in giclee print 18" x 24" $145)
        "ArchAngel Michael"  mixed media H2O  4' x 4 1/2' 
        "Guardian of the Western Trail"  mixed media H2O  4' x 5'
        "Circle of Life"  mixed media H2O  4' x 5'
-Spring Hollow
May 2015 - present
        "Red landscape"  18" x 24"
-Gallery 525 Meiners Oaks
        "Glimpse of the Deep" 10"x 8" oil
        "Glimpse of the Light"  10" x 8"
-WAV Gallery Drought group show / Artwalk  July
        "Oasis or Mirage"
-Venrura County Arts Council  Atrium Gallery  May-June  "Anything Goes" Exhibit
        "Rolling Wave oil  3' x 4'
-Ventura Artists Union Open call for the WAV Gallery   April
        "Ohoyo" mixed media  26" x 40"
        "Lockwood Creek" Watercolor  24" x 36"
​-Shanghai Beer Garden  March-April
        "Pet Portraits, variety..."
        "Rolling Wave" oil 3' x 4'
        "Ascension" oil 3' x 4'
        "Refining Fire" oil 3' x 4'
        "Sun Sparks" oil 5' x 6'
        "Collection of Ventura Harbor Plein Air"  oils various  small sizes

 in the Atrium Gallery
Sept-Oct 2016  :  
Atrium Gallery Watercolors 
by the Masters of Visual Storytelling

          Sept. 2016 - Feb 2017  :  
Featured artist Michelle Nosco exhibits 
17 figures in watercolor and 10 wildlife oils
                                C&C Gallery 
                                1790 Main St. Ventura

March-April 2016:  WAV Gallery:  
                    ELEMENTS - Hidden Images in the Clouds

October 2015:  WAV Gallery: Arts For Earth Foundation
                   Earth Spirit Exhibit , Eco Fest & Concert series

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Panaro Brothers Wine Distilleries, Ventura
Exhibit with 805 Gallery 
January - March 2017

Portraits are available by commission.  People and Pets.

WAV Gallery 
December 2016
 - Jan 2017