Nosco faux finishes on any surface. 
Favorites include :
interior room walls,
plaster fireplaces,
electrical outlets,
plaster or concrete pillars,
concrete floors...
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All surfaces appearing to be stone are actually painted finishes...
"Oh my, you are creating nature!!"
exclaimed  Mrs. Chung when  she
watched the creation of this beautiful faux finish on her livingroom fireplace.  The match was perfect with her stone tile floor.
After watching the stone installers (from Mr.Wangs new home) inspect her work, Nosco inquired "How do you llike the faux?"  "Is that what it is?  We've been trying to find out how it was installed for 20 minutes:" 
We feel this is one of the best testimonies to Nosco's ability in creating a convincing faux finish.

Do you have a blank canvas of a wall, fireplace, cabinetry, outlets, floors or pillars for Nosco to work on?  Let us know, so we can schedule you in Nosco's appointment calendar...
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We've taken this story and used the phrase "Creating Nature" for the title of the Nosco Art Studio brochure
   E-mail us to request a copy of this beautiful four color printed piece.