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Welcome to an Italian villa in Dr.Langs Oral Surgery Office.  Dr. Lang requested a scene that would help his surgery patients forget about their pains and cares as they get lost in the landscape before them.
Underwater scenes are always a favorite, whether in a childs playroom or in a seafood restaurant.
Come back later to see the rotating exhibit of Nosco underwater scenes!
Thankyou for being our guest, please enjoy the other rooms in the gallery.

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Using a variety of techniques developed throughout Nosco's career and from her studies at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, Detroit Institute of Art, the University of Michigan (BFA) and CalArts aka California Institute of the Arts (Masters of Directing) Michelle presents fascinating lands.

Above are 1. a 33' wide mural of Porto Fino Italy with painted sky overhead,  mixed media

2. 14' x 14' lobby mural of Central California  produced in mixed media

3. 18' diameter circular stair (56' around) and dome overhead  this includes  2 huge 18" high x 56' trompe l'oeil mouldings of gold leaf and 6' high marble surrounding the area, a painted sky with cut glass leading and a decorative center disk, mixed media

Smaller photos show mural & detail and painted tiles

4. AADAP hired me to paint a 44' wide by 15' tall painting at their facility downtown Los Angeles.  Children in harms way helped me paint lower parts the mural as part of the program to avoid the hazards of drug abuse.  Thiks painting epitomizes the positive results that outreach can create.  in the center clouds in the sky the kids are participating and happy learning team values, discernment and trust skills, in the clouds to the right you'll see them as adults in skilled, high pay jobs.  The counselor and young client are looking to a great future through the Asian American Drug Abuse Program which recognizes that when all children are safe from drug abusers all communities prosper.  They welcome all ethnicities to the program.