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ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: MICHELLE NOSCO www.noscofineart.com noscofineart@yahoo.com 
Michelle Nosco is an artist, designer, musician and filmaker in residence at the WAV of Ventura California. She has shown paintings, sculpture, weavings and murals from childhood. Studying in the Detroit Museum of Art, Wayne State University, Cranbrook School of Art from k-12

After attaining her undergraduate Bachelor of Fine Art at the University of Michigan, Michelle became an art director for Advertising Agencies in Detroit and Chicago and a producer/director for the marketing agency Nosco and Associates leading to California to study directing. Ms. Nosco received her Masters in Directing Theatre, Television and Film at CalARTs (California Institute of the Arts). Working with Universal Studio, Feathertouch Films and Amblin’ Pictures.

Returning to her painting roots, Michelle has designed and created murals throughout Southern California while writing and producing dramatic narrative and documentary films. She is a professional artist, painting over 100 murals throughout Southern California. She is currently showing her artwork in and around Ventura and Ojai California. She accepts commissions on canvas and works as an Arts Activist with Arts For Earth Foundation. www.ArtsForEarth.org

ARTISTS STATEMENT: In Michelle Nosco’s formative years …I learned to work on creative projects with great focus, integrity and intention. Each creation presents a new life challenge, as a canvas, another venue to discover, communicate or opportunity to apply some part of myself… This is what gives great pleasure, expression and purpose to my life.
    As a child my paintings were representational. I considered myself a Renaissance girl, with accuracy as my goal. Leonardo daVinci, Einstein and Albert Schweitzer were my heroes. Funding humanitarian work in large part from his concert ticket sales, Mr.Schweitzer was the inspiration and role model for the Arts For Earth Foundation, a non-profit I founded in 2007.
    As a teen I was dubbed a Fauve by my art history teacher. Color and dynamics were my calling card in paint and in activism, exploring, questioning and improving the “system” as I saw it during the 60’s era of protests. I work within the system to effect social change.
       Eventually I became an abstract expressionist, then returned to Impressionistic realism. This allows me to express what I see with my heart and soul.

In 2007 Ms.Nosco founded Arts For Earth Foundation in California. Since then she’s painted numerous expressionist and impressionist works including California landscapes and native wildlife for environmental education. In addition to organizing outreach, arts exhibits and performances for environmental concerns, food co-ops, gardens and Earth Day Festivals, she accepts commissions & paints portraits to fund wildlife sanctuaries and wilderness projects.