I, ____________________________________________

 would like my Pet Portrait created in 
 ____charcoal or pencil
____oil 16" x 20" 
Number of images in portrait : ............... X's ______.
( Size will increase as necessary or agreed)
Total due:.....................................................$________.oo
Deposit is 1/2 of Total. ................................$________ (due at commencement of project)

I understand my non-refundable deposit will start the process of creating my (name, type of animal & breed) ______________________________________________ 's original portrait by artist Michelle Nosco*, and that it will take from 2 weeks to 2 months from client/artist agreement of a final image to work from. Deposit is 1/2 of total price.  
Signed _________________________________________________ Date: ___________, 20__

Client will supply : 
1. digital image(s) of pet. (Send jpg to: noscofineart@hotmail.com ) (Client owns and bestows the right to Nosco to use the agreed image). 
2. Nosco Fine Art will photograph subject as agreed

Acceptable payment: ___ cash, ___check#_____, ___ paypal ( noscofineart@hotmail.com ) 
or ___credit card (Visa/MC/AmEx)_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ Expiration_____/_____  
Name as on card:____________________________________________ cr code______

*Michelle Nosco and estate, retain the rights of reproduction of all her images created in perpetuity throughout the Universe in all forms.

Order form 
Pet Portraits 
Michelle Nosco
If you have questions please feel free to email us at the following email address or call:
If you'ld like to order an original work of art from an existing jpg please include it with this form and a deposit by credit card, paypal, money order or check

1. Simply select:
          a. medium
          b. price 
(on Schedule to the right)

 copy form and fill in contact info
2.  email order form (below) to
your email will open and you will paste the form into the text box.
You may print out the form and send it with your deposit to: 
              175 S.Ventura Ave #215.
               Ventura, CA 93001

although I tried it just now and the type is way too tiny.  Perhaps you can copy it some other way?  Let me know how I can fix it if you are a techno geek.  good luck:)

3.  Send 1/2 of full amount as a non-refundable deposit using either: Credit card with your numbers inserted in the form or use Paypal which is accepted at noscofineart@hotmail.com
mail a check to:

Michelle Nosco 
175 S.Venura Ave.  #215
Ventura, Ca 93001

4. Remember to include your pets picture in a jpg(s). We will discuss which photo to use for reference as well as getting your final approval of a color treatment for the final painting. two treatments are included in this price.
Nosco Fine Art Portrait Studio

 Price Schedule

Colored Pencil or Charcoal
5x7             $75 /figure
8x10           $100
11x14          $150
16x20          $250
20x36          $350 (Includes 3 figures)

(on Watercolor Paper)
5x7             $100 /figure
8x10          $125
11x14          $150
16x20          $250
20x36          $500 (Includes 1 or 2 Figures)

Oil Painting 
on canvas
5x7            $150 /figure
8x10            $175
11x14          $250
16x20         $375
20x36          $699 (Includes 1 or 2 Figures)