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Trompe l'oeil Gallery
Fine art has a function in trompe l'oeil when it is designed to make the ordinary disappear, as in the electric light sockets usually so glaring against a beautiful stone backsplash in a kitchen or bath.  Roll your mouse over the granite to see a variation on the theme.....
These outlets, among many, were commissioned, to match specific granite backsplashes.  Others not shown here include outlets that match painted tile backgrounds. 
Handpainted by Nosco
Architectural problems are solved using trompe l'oeil.
Another functional use for fine art......
Look at the luxurious living room whose focal point is an empty space above the rectangular cut glass window in the center of the shot....
Rather than the ordinary solution of hanging a shield or a painting... Nosco creates an arched window, designed and painted complete with cut glass (faux) and parchment backing to match the glass below. 
p.s. a real window would be impossible to cut into the wall due to a second floor porch support directly on the other side
This elevator door was designed to blend into a renovated Art Deco interior.
See this website in the future  for an expose on more of the "Greenstreet" reception renovation. 
You'll see a three story wrought iron Art Deco stairway refinished to look like pewter. 
A round dome of golden faux finish. An exquisite bronze/maroon stone frame around the elevator. 
A perfect faux butterscotch marble door frame matches the real reception desk stone.
Look above into a tower of gothic glass and columns.
The tower, cross bar and chandalier is real but everything else will fool your eyes. 
None of it's real, but Nosco's secret formula reflects light
through the painted surface so you think it is, as you walk up the circular stairway...
and wonder  !!
This month the Nosco Art Studio
Trompe l'oeil Gallery presents:

architectural problems.

Sandra called her daughter to visit so she could see her newly "painted window".  Normally her daughter wouldn't dignify anyone with a reaction until she got within 10 feet of the window and exclaimed "Oh!  When you said your artist painted a window...You meant you have a painting of a window!!!! "
(Her jaw dropped and hit the floor when she realized it)
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